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Sold; Antique Adore Ring Zoom

Sold; Antique Adore Ring

Item Number: 436
An antique 'Adore' ring, a 9 carat English ring featuring an amethyst, diamond, opal, ruby and an emerald.
An antique 'Adore' ring made from 9 carat gold. This sweet antique ring was made in the Victorian era and was a symbolic piece of love jewellery. The acronym of ADORE is fashioned from an amethyst, diamond, opal, ruby and emerald. It was given to signify great depth of romantic gesture to a sweetheart!

Pre texting days, this was how the letters of love were spelt out!

Poetry and love in a piece of pretty antique jewellery!

It is still nice to be adored today! A wonderful gift for the one you love. The opal in this ring is a particularly vibrant pink hued stone that adds a nice play and contrast of colour into the equation!

This ring is quite a delicate piece and is only to be worn with care and adoration to ensure it will last another hundred years! It is hallmarked with Birmingham assay marks for 1899.

The engraved band would also make it tricky to size although not impossible!

It comes with an independent valuation, and all the romance and charm of its poetry of love.

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