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Antique Agate Intaglio/Cameo Cross & Stars Ring Zoom

Antique Agate Intaglio/Cameo Cross & Stars Ring

Item Number: 9091
Antique Agate Intaglio/Cameo Ring Featuring Stars and a Cross.
A striking and wonderful Victorian sardonyx agate ring that is carved into an cameo cross with intaglio stars. It is unusual to get a combination of cameo and intaglio carving in the same piece! Which makes this eye catching ring all the more special!

This from of agate stone was prized for its orange and white hues; early Victorian and Georgian jewellers used this banding to make wonderfully significant agate 'seal rings'. They often had a motto or a family crest, or both carved into them, and were worn by the men of the family on their little fingers. They could then be used to imprint or seal their letters with a blob of wax.

This ring dates to circa 1880, it is in excellent condition, with a lovely yellow gold solid setting, and would make a wearable antique piece for a lucky woman.

Agate is an extremely durable and hard wearing stone which is why it was used for these intaglio rings.The cross and the stars point to a religious significance.

It could be a great little finger ring for a man also!

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