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Antique Micro-Mosaic Necklace Zoom

Antique Micro-Mosaic Necklace

Item Number: 35
Italian Micromosaic Drop Necklace featuring micro-mosaic inlaid in a flower pattern, and with three 'bee' drops, set in gilt metal, circa 1920.
Beautiful micro mosaic necklace from Italy circa 1900. Micro-mosaic was a form of early Italian jewellery, where each tiny inlaid tile made up a wonderful picture within the larger piece of jewellery. During the 1880's-1920's, the well off English headed to visit the continent, they travelled around Europe on a 'Grand Tour' covering as much distance as they could, and collecting precious momentos along the way.

Pieces of jewellery like this necklace and objets d'art, marble and italian furniture. Micro-mosaic, which was really a smaller version of the much prized inlaid agate work 'pietra dura' (literally hard stone), was collected, and some wonderful and intricate examples were taken back to the UK.

Like this necklace, it captures the essence of these Italian pieces, it still has a wonderfully fine and interesting look.

it is a masterpiece of colour and design, blues and pinks making the floral sections, then green and red forming the bees on the three larger drops; each tiny stone carefully selected for shape and colour to make up the overall picture.

A picture perfect piece that will look wonderful on, a conversation piece still, just as it must have been over a hundred years ago!

The necklace is in good condition for its age, it is made out of gilt metal.

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