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Egyptian Revival Art Deco Silver & Enamel Sarcophagus Pendant Zoom

Egyptian Revival Art Deco Silver & Enamel Sarcophagus Pendant

Item Number: 89111
An silver and enamel sarcophagus pendant originally designed as a pencil holder from the 1920's Egyptian Revival Movement.
Originally designed as a pencil holder, this Art Deco enamel piece makes a striking pendant today, or just a wonderful curio for an Art Deco jewellery collector.

The Egyptian Revival movement of the 1920's saw a flurry of Art Deco Egyptian themed jewels made...This was sparked by the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb by the English archeologist Howard Carter in 1924.

The Egyptian Revival of the 1920's led to the design and construction of some wonderful pieces of Art Deco jewellery both in Europe and in England, often utilising beautiful and detailed enamel work

The pendant is as beautiful on the back as it is on the front and is in good condition for its age; circa 1935.

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