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Sold; Fede Ring Zoom

Sold; Fede Ring

Item Number: 9820
Georgian Clasped Hands or Fede Ring, English Ring dated circa 1840.

A wonderful Antique ring, this is a Georgian wedding or Gimmel Fede ring.

Made from 15 carat yellow gold, the clasped hands, a traditional symbol of love, are actually comprised of three separate rings that are engraved and interlocked to make a masterpiece of a ring.

The interlocking clasp still works well, the beautiful engraved band and construction of the ring are both to be marvelled at in wonder. A carved tudor rose on either side of the hands completes the piece.

This is love, Georgian style; poetry and romance in a ring!

The ring is English and dated circa 1840. It is in excellent condition and would make a wonderful gift that speaks volumes.

This ring is an antique treasure that would need to be treasured and looked after; not worn when doing any kind of manual or rough work with your hands!

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