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French Jet Extravaganza Antique Necklace Zoom

French Jet Extravaganza Antique Necklace

Item Number: 2027
French Jet Victorian Necklace.
Amazing French Jet necklace. This incredible piece most likely dates back to the mid stages of the Victorian era, around the 1860's. It could have been made in France, where this form of jet was first made, or possibly, from the United Kingdom, or another European country.

It is wonderfully opulent. French Jet is cut faceted glass fused onto a backing of steel; initially made in France it was a less expensive alternative to Victorian Whitby Jet Mourning Jewellery. This black jet jewellery made from fossilised wood, was favoured and worn by Queen Victoria whilst she was in her long reign of mourning; hence mourning jewellery became very popular during her reign.

This necklace is in fine condition for its age, it looks as though it has been put away in a drawer for many years. It is quite fragile being glass, needs to be handled gently and stored flat, but with care should last many more years.

For the daring and dashing woman, this necklace begs to be worn....

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