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Sold: Vintage Regard Ring Zoom

Sold: Vintage Regard Ring

Item Number: 504
Vintage Regard Ring set in 9 carat gold.
A vintage 'REGARD' ring, here, the acronym is taken from the first letter of the following gemstones; ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst,ruby and a diamond. Regard signified the highest admiration one could have for another, in a romantic sense, this word is still used today of course, on a daily basis. This 'regard' was fondly romantic in nature however, and conveyed a deep admiration!

Romance and dignity Victorian style!

This regard ring is a more recent copy of an antique one; nicely made, it features pretty, bright stones, and looks good on; it is easy to wear too with another ring, or stacked with a few bands for a colourful look!

Made from 9 carat gold it comes with an independent valuation and we could size it to fit!

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