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Sold: Vulcanite Mariner's Necklace Zoom

Sold: Vulcanite Mariner's Necklace

Item Number: 3030
Vulcanite Necklace
A wonderfully contemporary looking early Victorian necklace made of Vulcanite.

This tactile necklace was worn during the Victorian era, around 1860-1880, as a mourning piece most likely worn with a large oval locket. Vulcanite, or 'ebonite' was a material patented in 1846 as an alternative to the more expensive Whitby Jet of the time. It was made of a compound of rubber and sulphur and moulded into the design shape.

Here, the necklace links are a ship's anchor chain mariner style, this link was marketed at a later date by Gucci, in the 1920's, and became known as the 'Gucci link', however, it has been around for much longer!

It looks fab on, it is light and easy to wear. It could be worn with a locket but it looks great on its own. A piece of history where the design still looks stylish today, an heirloom to wear and touch, whilst wondering at what stories it could tell!

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